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Up and Running...

...but with a minor quirk.

So far it appears the only damaged component on my compy was the motherboard. [Although the PS may have been fried as well. Have to test the old one. I had already replaced it, thinking it was the problem.] It was nice. Didn't even have to reinstall XP.


When a mobo is listed as having 5 SATA ports, and you look at the pic and see two of them are a different color, it would be best to ask why they are that color. Apparently, due to a "chipset limitation" the last two SATA ports do not support IDE mode. So, having four SATA devices at the moment is not happening. Not a huge deal, even if I have to go down to three drives. Just means I have some wiggling around to do with data and drive images.

In any case, back to hires gaming land. :)
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