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This Just In: Frank Goes to a Doctor! [And Raiden is Already at One.]

Yeah, I know, it's a strange day. I actually chose to go.

those who have seen me face to face have probably noticed the odd cyst-like thingie at the outer end of my left eye, about where a tear duct should be. It never bothered me, other then looking funky. [And gee, I'm so vain about my looks. :P ] So I didn't really worry about it, no matter how many people, including medical professionals, told me that I should. It was sensitive. But not painful, unless Marie was poking at it to try draining fluid out of it. [Which she could occasionally do.] It didn't affect my vision. No big deal.

Last Thursday, it started to become more sensitive, to the point where it was becoming uncomfortable without touching it. By late Friday the area around my eye was starting to swell. By Saturday my wife got her wish - I actually wanted to see the doc over it.

Of course, various circumstances prevented me from doing so until today. But at least I got it done.

After the usual routine I get from medical personnel when I show up, [gee, you're overweight, your blood pressure is not good, it's a good thing I was here to tell you this!] the decision was made to cut the bugger out and drain the area. Apparently, there was a lot to drain. Marie was on the opposite side of me when they performed the procedure and even she saw there was a lot coming out. It was some icky stuff.

So now I have a hole with a piece of cloth sticking out of it to let the area keep draining for the next couple days. And I have a pad taped to the side of my eye to catch anything that comes out. Yummy, huh?

Actually, it's not as nasty-looking as it sounds.

Thanks to some decent pain killers I'm feeling no pain. Although the tape holding the pad can be irritating.

The one good thing out of all of this is it takes a little piece of my mind off of poor Raiden, who is at the vet getting his second round of heartworm treatment. We've had to go in both afternoons while he's at the vet to feed him. He's been refusing to eat for the staff there. But he's gone through both injections and seems to be doing okay. We should be able to bring him home tomorrow morning.

Oh, and I started playing LOTRO again. Maybe I'll stick with it a while now that I don't have the WoW distraction anymore. But I'm not making any bets.
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