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Dog and EvE Updates

So, a month into owning a dog we go to the vet for a problem with his foot.

We come out with the revelation that he has a severe case of heartworms.

Turns out my old boy is in pretty bad straits. On the 1-4 scale [4 being worst case] the vet categorized him in the 3-4 range. In combination with his age she would, at best, give him a 50-50 chance of making it through the treatment. Things were not looking good for him.

Although he's not out of the woods yet, so far my dog has been doing pretty well. He made it through the first treatment so far. He was rather weak for a while, refusing to eat and with a pretty rough cough. But he has since picked up a stable appetite, the coughing is very rare and he is more lively then when we first got him. [He's still rather docile. But at least he gets around more often then when we needs to go out.] The vet has been conservative about doing his second treatment, constantly putting it off to make sure he's okay for it. I just hope it doesn't become a situation where the first treatment has to be redone.


As for EvE Online: I'm now in with a corp that does a significant amount of PvP action. Fleet Wars, POS assaults, anti-piracy stuff. Definitely finding it more interesting then WoW was becoming for me. PvP in EvE is a lot of cat & mouse. Trying to find and hit the enemy at your strength instead of his. Throw in the significant risk of in-game resources when you get popped [as well as the strategy involved in mitigating that loss while still fielding an effective ship] and it makes combat in EvE quite challenging.

All I need to do now is figure out how to stop fiddling with the skill training and ship fitting tools when I'm supposed to be working. :P
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