Frank Di Vincenzo (lordsnotrag) wrote,
Frank Di Vincenzo

Game Life Changes, Real Life Plods On...

So, I suspended my WoW account.

I've been feeling some WoW burnout for a while now. But there was one thing I still enjoyed: raiding. With new stuff coming 'round the corner it looked like I'd get re-interested in the game.

Then the car accident happened. Since then, I've found that if I raid for longer then an hour either one of two things happen.

- I start getting a headache and a bit nauseous.

- I feel generally okay until the next morning. That's when I get an even worse headache then if it happened immediately.

I took a couple weeks off. Didn't seem to help. Plus, when I did come back I had to hear it from one officer about how I wasn't showing up. [Incidentally, said member has missed months due to being in jail. But I guess legal issues are okay where health issues are not.] Up till then I've tried to run when I could to help out. After that, I pretty much lost whatever remaining interest I had in raiding.

So, I'm not raiding. RK quit playing. My wife quit playing. Anything outside of raiding seems like a tedious grind without the raiding goal. Much as I like the rest of the people there it seemed silly to maintain the account just to have a fancy IRC channel.

We'll see if I ever go back. Not counting on it anytime soon.

Now I play EVE Online.

Couple months back my buddy Tracy talked me into giving it a try. It's not as structured as WoW. Nor is it as simple to master. And it's nice to play with spaceships. Something I haven't done in a while.

Normally, I'm not a big PVP kinda guy. But EVE is geared around it. Not just in ships shooting each other, but in other aspects of the game. [Mostly financial. Heck, even pvp combat has a financial aspect to it.] And I've found I kinda like it here. It's probably because there's more of a purpose in EVE. Be it piracy [or anti-piracy], system conquest, resource protection, etc. And there is a significant risk when you lose. Unlike WoW, which creates contrived environments where the fights usually change nothing and involve little to no actual risk to the player.]

Most importantly, it doesn't mess with me any more then most games have done. If I'm really stupid and stare at the screen for hours unending I'll feel it the next day. But that would be true if I stared at for the same time. The real test came this past weekend, when I got involved in a 50+ ship fleet fighting numerous other opponents [other players, not your usual NPC mobs] out in lowsec space. Had no problems while flying, and felt fine the next day. I have a home! least until I get bored with this game. :)

Generally cool EVE video for anyone interested. Has a HD version that is really sweet.
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