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WoW, and Other Stuff

For those here that are in my WoW Guild: don't be shocked if I get the boot [or a demotion] sometime soon. I'm going against the establishment. [Well, I'm vehemently disagreeing with Arg in a way that upsets him.] If it happens I may just quit WoW entirely. At least for a while. If being in an uber raiding guild means shitting on people you've played with for months just to expedite the future killing of digital monsters then I guess I'll become a casual again.

Not that I've really been able to play since the accident. Anything longer then 20-30 minutes and I need to log out before either my head explodes or I throw up.

Speaking of vehicular crap:

I can't buy another vehicle. My credit is not very good, even though I consistently pay my mortgage and car loan. New car loans seem to be right out. Anything used either has a lower down payment and horribly high interest, creating payments I can't make, or has an interest rate that, while high, is not incredibly out of whack but requires an obscene amount down.

So, once again, I'm forced to rely on the good graces of my family. While I appreciate their generosity it kills me to have to take it. Out of nine vehicles I have owned [or been the primary driver] only two have not been gifts from family members. And now I'm in that position again. It's better then being on foot. But it deflates the pride and self-worth.

Oddly enough, the new vehicle is a black Mazda pickup. Almost exactly like my old one. It's like I've gone back in time two years. Well, at least there are no payments. Which means I can save up for a year or so and look again at new vehicles.
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